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Some Exterior Coating Options Include

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Paint Coating

Paint Coating is what most people think of when they hear the term "Ceramic Coating." This is the process of applying a layer of protectant to the exterior of your vehicle to give your clear coat an additional barrier. Some benefits of a ceramic coating include:
  • Easy to clean
  • Protects your cars factory paint
  • Creates a very deep, glossy almost crystal-like finish

Each ceramic coating is backed by a 100% protection warranty* 

*Terms and conditions apply
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Window Coating

Add a clear coating that is chemically bonded with the glass to provide a layer of protection. This will provide better resistance to environmental hazards affecting your windows.
  • Reduces the need for windshield wipers
  • Provides resistance to bug splatter
  • Clearer vision during rain
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Trim Coating

Trim coating is a protectant for the plastic trim on your vehicle. This restores the plastic to its original condition, giving your vehicle that off-the-showroom-floor look once again.
  • Restores faded plastic (within reason)
  • Proven to withstand extreme heat temperatures
  • Provides easier washing and cleaning once applied

Some Interior Coating Options Include

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Leather Coating

Leather Coating is a protectant that acts as a genuine nutrient that is applied to your Leather. You get instant results that cleans, removes contaminants, and enhances color of leathers. Some benefits of a Leather Coating include:
  • Renews Leather
  • Prevents discoloration
  • Protect against wear & tear and abrasions
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Fabric Coating

Fabric Coating is a protectant that can be applied to any surface in your vehicle. Some benefits of a Fabric Coating include:
  • Can be applied to any porous surface
  • Repels undesirable liquid spills
  • Provides UV Protection to prevent discoloration
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Wood Coating

Wood coating is a protectant for the wood trim on your vehicle. This restores the wood to a similar condition as it was originally. Some benefits of a Wood Coating include:
  • Restores faded wood (within reason)
  • Amazing alternate to a traditional oil
  • Doesn't alter breathability, flexibility, appearance, or color

Some Other Coating Options Include

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Headlight Coating

Headlight Coating is a protectant that acts as a gloss enhancer for your headlights. You get instant results that will speak for themselves, and will improve visibility as well. Some benefits of a Headlight Coating include:
  • Nighttime and rain driving visibility improved
  • Prevents reoccurrence of yellowing or oxidation
  • Increases clarity for up to one year
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Wheel Coating

Wheel Coating is a protectant that can be applied to almost any finish wheel your vehicle may have. This will give your wheels added protection that will last up to 1 year. Some benefits of a Wheel Coating include:
  • Can be applied to most wheel finishes
  • Repels brake dust, oil, and road grime
  • Proven to withstand extreme temperatures
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Bicycle Coating

Bicycle coating is a protectant for the frame on your bicycle. This gives you a extra layer of protection against scratches and wear. Some benefits of a Bicycle Coating include:
  • Ultra-scratch resistant
  • Gloss like finish
  • Self-cleaning effect

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